Grappling With Theology Ep. 16

I met a Shaman!

Discipleship Pt. 2

On this week’s episode, Andrew and I continue our discussion with Brian Cimins: This week find out if Brian was Mulsim? He discusses his meeting with a  shaman. Brian and I also discuss how we met Andrew.  Guest Co-host Andrew Rappaport from and Frank continue their discussion on discipleship and what makes a good disciple and mentor.

They also discuss how the providence of God interweaves and connects us on our spiritual journey. Brian discusses what tools have helped him grow as a Christian.  Questions from the Dojo include, what is the best knife defense?; what is the best place to train in Jonesboro, Arkansas?; Frank Mullis, do you know Jared Weiner?; and What are some principles you learn from martial arts you apply to your spiritual life?

Finally, I issue an apology to those I have offended on my podcast. #BTWN252 #strivingforeternity #grapplingwiththeology #discipleship #questionsfromthedojo #jonesboroarkansas #GWT #apology #camp (Coupon Code GWT)


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