Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 12 | Debating with Matt Slick

Apologist Matt Slick of CARM.org joins the crew this week to discuss the ins and out of debating and the need for humility in knowledge.  Also tune in for the first ever Wrath and Grace Radio live debate, judged by Matt Slick himself.

Luke recommended the book: God’s Battle Plan for the Mind: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation by David W. Saxton

Omri recommends the bible study: The One True God: A Biblical study of the Doctrine of God by Mr Paul David Washer

Pick up Luke Walker’s first full-length book: He Gave Them Judges: Jesus in the Book of Judges


Today’s segments:

– Listened to voicemails throughout the show from callers

– First Ever Wrath and Grace Live Debate on the topic: Are Aliens Real?


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