Grappling With Theology Ep. 17: Does God Still Heal?

On this week’s episode of GWT we interview pastor and BJJ brown belt, Roy Cobb of IHeart Church. Pastor Roy has been training BJJ for over 8 years at Americus Martial Arts with Professor Ken Hudson. Pastor Roy has recently been diagnosed with ALS.  This week we grapple with the topic, Does God Still Heal?  We also answer questions from the Reformed Dojo and then give updates on upcoming speaking events this summer.

  1. Coleen Sharp 5 years ago

    We talk about something a little similar in tomorrow’s Theology Gals, although we don’t focus on the cessationist debate, but rather whether God speaks outside of His Word. We focus on the sufficiency of God’s Word. I appreciated what was said in this episode. Some really great points.

    I will be praying for Pastor Roy. I lost an uncle and a friend to ALS. It’s a rotten disease, but I’m grateful for the hope we have in Christ.

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