SRR #47 Interview with & Apology to Andrew Rappaport | Sanctification Clash & Monergistic Synergism | NCT & the Law

Join Carlos, Tim, and special guest Andrew Rappaport as we formally apologize to brother Andrew for misrepresenting him on our previous episode, and ask him about apologetics and dialoguing with others; Carlos and Tim then discuss Andrew’s recent Clashing of Theologies episode on Sanctification and give historical, theological, and definitional criticisms of Pastor Paul Kaiser’s Synergistic view of Conversion and his claim that it’s the “true” Reformed view; and discuss New Covenant Theology, the moral law, and sanctification…and David Gay.

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ADDENDUM (6/12/2017): I, Carlos Montijo, am deeply sorry and apologize to Andrew Rappaport for misrepresenting what he said about Covenant Theology in his interview with Theology Gals Episode 8 ( I misunderstood what he said at minute 12:40 by assuming he was referring to the claim that the threefold division of the law came from Aquinas, based on a previous discussion that wasn’t public. We are removing that portion from the episode. I deeply regret giving our listeners the impression that brother Andrew was sloppy or careless in his presentation of Covenant Theology. Quite the opposite is true, for anyone who knows him is aware that he is extremely diligent to be as fair and accurate as possible when presenting views that are not his own. We at Semper Reformanda Radio share the same convictions and strive to emulate his quintessential example. I am also very grateful to brother Andrew for the opportunity he provided me to discuss Covenant Theology and New Covenant Theology with Louis Lyons, and for being able to participate in his Clashing of Theologies series, because brother Andrew recognizes the importance of direct interaction with one another, especially opposing views, which in many cases is far more fruitful than one-sided monologues.

I also want to clarify my comments about Jason Mullett being “largely ignorant” of New Covenant Theology. It was not at all meant to be an insult or jab, nor was I at all implying or suggesting that I would have been the “better” representative against Dustin Segers, who is a knowledgeable and seasoned NCT proponent. It was simply based on what Jason himself said on Conversations From The Porch #50 @42:55, that he had not done a lot of reading on NCT and that the only thing he had read was the first three chapters of Charles Leiter’s The Law of Christ. Anyone who actually listened to our episode knows that I commended brother Jason for being an excellent debater, especially on topics that he knows well, such as his discussions with Leighton Flowers on Calvinism (; even Flowers commended Jason for representing the Calvinist view well). I said I was disappointed because if Jason had done more reading, he would have been better prepared to interact with Dustin’s arguments, some of which were based on misunderstandings of the Reformed faith.

One example is in minute 53:00 of CFTP Episode 50, where Dustin claims that the Reformed view equates the moral law to the Ten Commandments (exclusively) and further claims that, historically this is how Reformed guys have always defined it. Unfortunately, many New Covenant Theology proponents make this error. Conversations From The Porch has continued to repeat this error, despite our attempts to correct it, including in this episode. All they need to do is read the Westminster Larger Catechism, Questions 93 and 98:

  1. 93. What is the moral law?
  2. The moral law is the declaration of the will of God to mankind, directing and binding everyone to personal, perfect, and perpetual conformity and obedience thereunto, in the frame and disposition of the whole man, soul and body, and in performance of all those duties of holiness and righteousness which he oweth to God and man: promising life upon the fulfilling, and threatening death upon the breach of it.
  3. 98. Where is the moral law summarily comprehended?
  4. The moral law is summarily comprehended in the ten commandments, which were delivered by the voice of God upon Mount Sinai, and written by him in two tables of stone; and are recorded in the twentieth chapter of Exodus. The four first commandments containing our duty to God, and the other six our duty to man. (

I nevertheless think Jason did a great job and hope he continues to study NCT and engage in discussions/debates with them (perhaps we can even join forces in the future 😉). Maybe it would have been better for me to say that Jason’s knowledge of NCT was limited as opposed to “largely ignorant of”. I have no problem admitting that I am largely ignorant of many things, and I’m sure Jason is far more knowledgeable than I am about many things. As fellow Reformed Baptists we are very much in agreement with Jason and even listed his episode on NCT on our playlist ( I did not at all dismiss Jason for not being a Sabbatarian, as Pastor Paul Kaiser of Conversations From The Porch claimed in minute 53:00 of their recent episode (, nor did I ever say that Jason didn’t know what he was talking about, or “immodestly imply” that I would have done better, as Ryan Dozier claimed in minute 51:30.

I hope that we can have more dialogue/discussions in the future and sharpen each other as brothers in Christ.


Semper Reformanda,

Carlos Montijo


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