• 01:19 We discuss today’s topics –
    • Biblical Definition of Discipleship
    • Why should we be discipled
    • Overcoming objections and excuses
  • 02:14 Segment 1 begins
    • The team discussed the definition of discipling by beginning with what is a disciple. That discussion was expanded to discipleship being a partner of evangelism and using discipleship to hedge against a growing influence of the secular world. John C. gave a viewpoint from growing up in the church as opposed to the secular childhood the others had. The team discussed the difference between discipleship and fellowship and specific markers of a discipleship relationship.
    • James offered a working definition of discipleship as “The intentional encouragement of Christians on the basis of deliberate, loving relationships and training in God’s Word.
    • The team began to discuss what a discipleship relationship looks like. They discuss using each of our gifts for the edification of the body of Christ, and how no one is better than anyone else.
  • 13:32 Segment 2 begins
    • We expand upon what a discipleship relationship looks like and begin the discussion on why discipleship is important.
    • Three main reasons are discussed as to why we disciple: Obedience; Our own joy; and most importantly, God’s Glory.
    • The team has a brief but fruitful discussion on potato chips. John J. messes up the name of the flavor of chips, but corrects it shortly thereafter. Sorry about the slip up Canada!
  • 23:41 Segment 3 begins and we immediately run into a shameless plea for a 5 star rating on iTunes. You can do that by clicking below!.
    • We spend this time trying to address objections and excuses people give why they are not in a discipleship relationship.
    • There is a discussion on the organic nature of relationship and John J. embarrasses himself by telling a story at his failed attempt to begin a bromance.
    • It is determined that it’s important for discipleship to be part of the church culture.
    • Lack of time is cited as an excuse and the team discussed technology to help alleviate that. Ultimately, we make time for things that we want to do, and bringing Glory to God should be our highest want.
    • Fear is discussed as another obstacle to discipling.
  • 35:55 Segment 4 begins
    • Wrapping up the podcast, the team discusses the spiritual disciplines and encouragement. We talk about praying and moving in a direction of obedience.



      • Matthew 28:18-20 Episode Verse
      • Luke 14:25-35 – What is a Disciple
      • Philippians 1:3-5 Discipling for our Joy
      • Philippians 2:1-2 Discipling for our Joy
      • Romans 16:19 Discipling for our Joy
      • 2 John 1:4 Discipling for our Joy
      • Acts 8:26-40 – Philip and the Eunuch



Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode when we discuss Holiness, Sin, and Sanctification!


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