The Desires Of Our Heart

The reality of our lives is that so many things compete for our heart.  They end up fighting for our time, talents and treasure but those resources are to be reserved, first and foremost, for God.

Worship Defined

So often worship is confused as just praise and adoration but in truth it is much more than that.  Worship is to be the all-consuming, all-encompassing, preoccupation of our lives! Our discussion in this episode is centered around an excerpt from Stewart Scott’s book “The Exemplary Husband” about worship.


In the book, Stewart, takes time to lay out certain points of self examination that we go through and discuss.  Take a little journey with us into your own heart and see if any of these things are receiving more from you than they deserve.


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Intro: Marrio Esco “Shine As Lights”
Outro: Seeds Family Worship “Delight Yourself”


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