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Hey everybody! We have moved!  The Shine As Lights Podcast can now be found on its own RSS Feed on both iTunes and Android equipped devices.  There are a few ways to now find us so let me help you.


You can always head over to the BTWN site and search for both our podcasting page or any individual episode.  Once you click on an episode there are links underneath the “player” that say iTunes or Android. Click which one you use and then the episode will open up in whichever podcast catcher you use.  From there you just hit the subscribe button!


Click this Link, or open up your iTunes Podcast app and hit the search tab.  Type in “Shine As Lights” and look for the light bulb 🙂 Click subscribe and make sure while you are on there to find the “review” tab and leave us a rating/review!  This would really help others to be able to find us as well.


Open whatever podcasting app you have and search for Shine As Lights.  If this doesn’t work, just refer to the above directions under the Website heading and follow them.

Thanks guys and we are excited to continue serving you with the goal of helping you shine for the glory of God in all that you do!


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Song Credit:
Intro: Marrio Esco “Shine As Lights”
Outro: Seeds Family Worship “Delight Yourself”




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