Jesus In All Of Scripture

From Genesis to Revelation, The Scriptures are not just telling stories about history or dropping nuggets of wisdom, they are actually revealing a person!  Now, we like to say that this doesn’t mean we go looking for Jesus under every rock, so to speak, but that throughout The Bible and in many forms, we find Jesus present in actuality, type/shadow, and even in principle.

The Christ-Event Of Scripture, Shapes Our Hermeneutic

Specifically, in this episode, we bring forth three different perspectives to not only give a couple different spins on this topic but to provide you with a well-rounded study which defines, and defends this model of interpretation.


The first two interviews are from the Wrath And Grace Conference (Seeing Christ In All Of Scripture). We talk to Pastor Luke Walker and Pastor Nick Batzig about their Sermon topics at the event and why they believe its important to see Scripture in this way.

Lastly we are joined by Pastor Paul Kaiser of Conversations From The Porch to give a more comprehensive, definitional look into the topic.  Here we deal with some of the New Covenant (NCT) nuances as well as handle some of the objections that come up.

We hope this blesses you and grows your understanding of not only Scripture but of the very Word Of God, who is revealed, therein.


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