Fred Butler is Mad at Francis Chan & Brannon Howse

Fred Butlers “Francis Chan” Article

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  1. Danny Newton 5 years ago

    I listened to the comments on Brannon House vs James White and found it odd that you did not notice that both men claimed to not know of each other and both men had a first reaction of “who is this guy” before asking or delving into what was being said. I have been to a lot of World View Weekend events and I have read White’s books on What Every Christian should know about Islam and the King James Only Controversy. As professing Christian men, they treated each other worse than one might expect. It is as if the dark side of both men have been suddenly revealed to me. I have watched hours and hours of James White debating and teaching and it just took him too long to get over the personal attacks on what was being sold on WVW before getting to the meat of the matter. Howse has let the quest consume him. I got into the Howse habit after remarrying. I am a compromiser because I joined the Gideons many years ago and regularly step foot in places that have my doubts about i.e. Methodist Churches with openly gay staff, Holy Rollers, who speak in tongues, Free Will Baptist that think you can lose your salvation, etc. Sometimes I think we would take donations from witches to print another Bible. Last year, Brannon asked a random weird question during the annual conference: “Do we have any Gideons here?” I thought I had been turned in by my wife but I looked around and saw about a dozen hands in the air. The other shoe did not drop. We were not rejected from the room. I have tried to have a conversation with Howse about upgrading the speakership or at least incorporating some more secular ammunition in his musket against Islam like the archeological inconsistencies in Qurans etc. But he seemed to have no idea what I was talking about and did not know who Jay Smith was. Internet research can isolate people into narrowly focused groups. I also am getting the idea that the fact that both men have taken financial hits over this controversy only steels their resolve and confirms their original positions. My problem is that I don’t know how to measure the alleged damage or the alleged benefit. It seems that the damage done or benefit gained is all imaginary or delayed into the future. I am pretty sure the Devil is pleased with the controversy.

  2. Eric Watson 5 years ago

    I enjoyed the conversation. And, for the most part I agree with the thoughts. However, I very much disagree with what Janet Mefferd has done. She allowed slander and lies on the first show that she had with James Simpson. You didn’t address that part. You should have, honestly. Now, the issue is whether or not we trust in Christ Jesus as the LORD of all. From what I see, my perspective is that a lot of the people that are perpetrating this trash should really reevaluate their relationship with Christ Jesus. There are many biblical errors being committed to Dr. White. If someone could show him, in context of what the text says, where talking with Islam is a problem, then I am sure the conversation would be different. The problem is that these men and women are devouring their own flesh in an attempt to get out in front of this and keep the trash rolling down the hill. Very, very sad….


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