Original Air Date: January 8, 2014

In today’s program, JD interviews Dr. Michael Brown about his appearance on Benny Hinn’s television program. JD also speaks to Ken Fryer in the Daily #DOWNGRADE segment, discussing Al Mohler (and other Southern Baptist leaders) signing of the Manhattan Declaration and the growing concern of rampant ecumenism in the SBC. JD also took a call from a pulpiteer about his conversation with a Texas Baptist official over hiring anti-Trinitarian musical group, Phillips, Craig and Dean for a Cooperative-Program funded conference.

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  1. Steve 3 years ago

    Why did Brown go on Benny Hinn show for a FULL week? ~ NO REAL Christian would do that unless they would do it to REPROVE him ! ~ Brown went on to expand his fan base to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ peddling his books – DUH ! ~ Brown lives in a 6,000 Sq. ft house with seven acres in a gated community #FACT ! ~ Brown claims he is a prophet and God revealed to him how to ‘break the stronghold of food” — then he goes on Sid Roth show and SELLS “God’s revelation” for $37.00 ! ~ Did Paul sell God’s revelations????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does ANY TRUE Christian ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Brown is always speaking out of 12 sides of his mouth ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Satan cloaks himself in a garment of light” —–> @SilverTongueBrown

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