Repentance and Forgiveness – Episode #20

In This Episode…

02:24 – Segment 1

  • The branches start by discussing what is repentance.
  • We speak about changing our mind to realign our thoughts to God’s thoughts and move in that direction. How does this jive with Faith alone?
  • Is repentance a one time thing? The Christian life is a repenting life.
  • What about God repenting in the Old Testament? How does an unchanging God change His mind?,

11:06 – Segment 2

  • How do repentance and forgiveness go together?
  • First, we talk about what repentance is not. Then, it starts with a heart overwhelmed by Godly sorrow.
  • Unless the spirit of God is present, there can’t be true repentance.
  • What if I repent and keep doing the same sin?
  • The heart condition is important for true repentance. That’s why repentance comes from God. An unbeliever can’t repent unless God regenerates.

24:41 – Segment 3

  • How long does repentance take? Other sins, such as pride, can get in the way of repentance.
  • Church discipline is necessary because of unrepentant sin.
  • Thomas Watson calls repentance a spiritual medicine made up of six special ingredients.

28:49 – Segment 4

  • We move onto forgiveness. No, 70 times 7 doesn’t mean you only have to forgive someone 490 times.
  • We discuss the different relationships in which we ask for forgiveness.
  • What are the responsibilities of the two people in a moment where forgiveness is being sought.
  • What is the person doesn’t ask for forgiveness.
  • A picture of what unforgiveness looks like is painted and how it contrasts.
  • John C. with the quote of the day, “The ultimate purpose of forgiveness is to heal the relationship.”
  • Forgiveness with non believers and does forgiveness mean putting yourself in a bad position?
  • A good picture of the forgiveness process is shown in Lysa TerKeurst’s relationship and divorce with her husband.

Scripture Discussed in the Show

  • Acts 2:38 Episode Verse
  • Ephesians 4
  • Matthew 6:14
  • 1 Corinthians 16:13-14
  • Matthew 5:23

Resources We Mentioned in the Show

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Episode Length 44:53

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