Polemics Report 045 | Al Mohler | Joe Aguillard | Kenneth Copeland and the Pope | Young, Restless and Reformed

Original Air Date: February 23, 2014

In today’s “doublesode”, JD discusses a number of important issues; Why on earth did Al Mohler pledge to nominate Ronnie Floyd as the next president of the SBC? Is it “selling out” or a brilliant and calculated move to keep the radical Hankins fringe out of office? Next, JD discusses the REAL news behind Joe Aguillard’s latest press release at LC. This episode as timely as LC now begins a money-grabbing request-a-thon to help shore up the college’s floundering resources. JD also discusses a VERY troubling meeting with Kenneth Copeland and the Pope and an admonishment to the Young, Restless and Reformed in the Daily #DOWNGRADE


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