Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast Episode #264

Love Your Church | Graceful Disagreement | Biblical Answers with JD Hall

Topics Discussed:

Loving your local church. The church God has chosen for you!

Disagree with grace. What team are we really on?

Questions answered by JD Hall in this episode.

  1. Non-church members on the church softball team?
  2. How to discerning false teachers?
  3. A cessationist with a supernatural vision?

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1 Comment
  1. Peter beaufoy 5 years ago

    Hi I liked your talk on the church.i also find it hard to talk and meet other people. At the moment me and my wife can’t go to church a service because we usually work on Sunday mornings.i find your network and Matt slicks encouraging as I am learning to defend my faith.we are still looking for a church to attend that has a night service.God bless

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