1. LD 5 years ago

    I came here through CARM since your podcast was advertised on the radio thing. For this particular topic, I don’t agree with the speakers’ position. I think it would’ve been more helpful to bring on someone who currently does not believe in formal church membership and have a discussion with them (I know, harder than it looks to bring someone on like that). The other problem with this podcast is that all the arguments are essentially from 9Marks. These arguments have been addressed and debunked in a fair manner – primarily, the 9Marks arguments follow the logical fallacy of non-sequitur. You can’t simply imply something without the context supporting the assumption. The verses and passages they reference simply don’t provide that support in the context; those same verses and passages talk about many other things but nothing in them suggests the topic of formal church membership. That said, on the flip side, those against it commonly argue about the practices that flow from formal church membership (which does not support their premise). One must address the premise directly, not by arguing that the practices that flow from the premise (membership) are points against the premise (membership). I think it is also important to note that church memberships and the covenants that usually result from this are legal contracts.

    • James 5 years ago

      Hi LD, thank you for the feedback. We certainly appreciate it. While we are aware that there are varying positions on church membership, the purpose of our podcast is not to “debate” them, but to simply offer our position. While we do agree with many of the positions that the 9 Marks ministry takes on church membership, we certainly recognize that they are not an infailible authority. I’m happy to discuss with you instances where you feel passages of Scripture were taken out of context, etc. While we have our convictions regarding the matter, we are at the same time open to other points of view and honest, fair discussion.

      Again, thank you for the feedback and your honesty.

      In Christ,


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