Original Air Date: April 6, 2014

On today’s program, JD discusses a recent article by Ed Stetzer, arguing that online churches are not real churches. JD asks if this is so, why affinity-based churches should be considered a real church. In light of this, JD reveals a new movement called ‘fight church’ in which pastors and others cage fight in the name of Jesus. Then, in a Radio Free SBC, JD covers the botched truth presented in the 2013 article about Louisiana College from Kelly Boggs and laments the lack of journalistic integrity in the SBC and moves on to cover a news segment from PBS about the ‘New Calvinism’ in the SBC. For the Daily #DOWNGRADE, we look at a Texas Church that spread a rumor that George W Bush was visiting, even though it was only an impersonator, to get people in the door.


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