Original Air Date: April 14, 2014

On today’s program, JD begins with discussion of a new article concerning George Barna’s poll alleging that the Bible has waning influence in America (no kidding) and then moves on to a Radio Free SBC segment focused on Eric Hankins’ assertion at SBC Voices that the Traditionalist Statement was never intended to be a litmus test and he calls it a ‘blogosphere conspiracy.’ JD points out the documentation from Louisiana College from so-called ‘traditionalists’ testifying that David Hankins intended to use it at a litmus test at Louisiana College and the Louisiana Baptist Convention. JD wonders why Eric seems oblivious or ignorant as to why his father intended to use it this way – and isn’t the only one who doubts it. In the Daily #DOWNGRADE, JD discusses an article from the Baptist Press encouraging more ‘prayer walking.


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