Pulpit & Pen Program, April 24, 2014


On today’s episode, JD goes rapid-fire through today’s headlines, include the Twitter conversation between “gay Christian” Matthew Vines and Al Mohler, JD Greear’s angering of Rachel Held Evans and the HuffPo people over a statement he made equating abolition with homosexuality, and a troubling new program in Louisiana to give all government agencies access to your information to predict who might become problematic to the state. Then, JD does a Radio Free SBC and handles the atrocious revisionism by Emir Caner at Synergism Today, as he tried to paint the 5-point Calvinist founder, Andrew Fuller, as an Arminian (and inadvertently, a Pelagian). Then, JD tackles Batman church and Starwars church in his Daily #DOWNGRADE.


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