Pulpit & Pen Program, April 30, 2014


In today’s program, JD begins by playing a short clip from Rob Bell and Oprah discussing their ‘God’ and wonders why Bell offers teaching without any answers. JD also gives a Caner Project update concerning new court docs revealing some damning evidence against Ergun Caner that totally eviscerates the claim that the video has been doctored – as Caner himself provides a transcript of his lies in his copyright claim. In a Radio Free SBC, JD discusses David Hankins deceptively serving as a trustee at Southern Seminary while banning their graduates from being employed at Louisiana College. In the Daily #DOWNGRADE, JD gives Cedarville an #UPGRADE for firing a professor for vulgarity, and asks why Brewton-Parker hasn’t fired Caner for the vulgarity he exhibited in the Marines Video.


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