Original Air Date: May 21, 2014

On today’s program, JD briefly encourages folks to pay attention to the reporting on Louisiana College from the Town Talk and then laments the continual lecturing on being “divisive” from the posts at SBC VoicIn today’s program, JD puts his alma mater, Williams Baptist College in the hot-seat in this hour-long doublesode forming one, big #DOWNGRADE segment as he discusses an article in Relevant Magazine “Six Heretics Who Should Be Banned From Evangelicalism” written by WBC graduate, Tylor Standley with apologist, Chris Rosebrough. JD and Chris discuss the Emergent decononstructionism, category errors, historical misconceptions, and denials of important Christian doctrines throughout the article and they discuss why blindly affirming an individual, in spite of their unorthodoxy and dangerous beliefs, leads to inevitable #DOWNGRADE.es, this time opining about a post from Mike Leake. Also covered is the Illinois Governor asserting that a 40 hour work week and a ten dollar minimum wage is “old as the Bible” and discusses recent news that Idaho Governor signed a new law nullifying all future federal gun laws. JD then discusses 20 former Mars Hill pastors calling for accountability for Mark Driscoll and then tackles a Charisma magazine article claiming that Driscoll’s critics are “enemies within the church” and JD points out that what Phil Johnson, Chris Rosebrough and others are not enemies. In the Daily #DOWNGRADE, JD looks at another Charisma news article (this time it’s a good one) that explains why the author can’t endorse secular songs being sung in worship services, he developed in part out of a visit to Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church.  


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