Original Air Date: June 3, 2014

In today’s episode, JD discusses a few news articles, including Planned Parenthood issuing a ‘pastoral letter’ to assure people that God approves of abortion, and then discusses several music artists that started out in contemporary music – as illustrated in an article from Breathcast. Then, JD plays a lecture he gave at his church Sunday evening that explains why his church voted to remove their denomination affiliation from the Constitution and why they voted to adopt the London Baptist Confession (1689) as he went the Spurgeon’s historical reasons for disfellowshiping from #DOWNGRADE during his Down Grade controversy. Then, JD puts Al Mohler in the Daily #DOWNGRADE for addressing Danny Cortez’ affirming homosexuality in spite of church autonomy – which is the reason Al and others in the SBC hide behind to avoid addressing other (more controversial) scandals. JD urges real leaders to rise up who will lead even when it’s unpopular. 


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