Original Air Date: July 17, 2014

In the first program since going on vacation, JD begins with the news, which includes a United Methodist minister that set himself on fire, Dustin Germaine’s new website, and audio of Tony Miano’s recent physical altercation with a heckler In today’s program, JD discusses Hobby Lobby’s transgender employee lawsuit, John MacArthur calling gay-affirming churches “Satan’s churches” and other news stories. Next is your Daily Spurgeon, a Voice in the Wilderness segment featuring Pastor Kevin Edmonds and then a Downgrade segment featuring Myles Monroe proclaiming that the reason people aren’t saved is because we’re preaching about Jesus instead of fixing their problems and that “nobody wants to hear about no blood on no cross.”with a murderous heart. Then, JD goes into a new daily segment, focusing on the works of Charles Spurgeon.




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