Part Two of the Steve Camp Interview

Bible Thumping Wingnut Episode 268

Listen to Part One of the Steve Camp Interview Here

In this episode:

  • Pastor Steve Camp of the Cross Church Palm City, FL joins Tim for an interview.

Pastor Steve Camps Cross Church Website. 

Pastor Steve Camps Sermons.

Phil Johnson Sermon Referenced in this episode

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  1. Simon Kok 5 years ago

    Does Steve Camp have an evil alter ego who updates his Twitter? I’m asking, because he’s been doing a pretty good job of poisoning any chances of the REAL Steve Camp having the dialog with James White he wishes to have… Or what do you think of this? This insulting and juvenile tweet was deleted, but can still be found cached. Originally it also included the caricature JW imam mockup picture stolen from Reformed Apologetics Ministries. I’m sorry, but to me actions such as this speak louder than words. I certainly would not count that as an expression of friendship or concern.

    I wouldn’t mind the proposed discussion taking place one bit, even though I think such a discussion could have been had months ago privately and just picking up the phone.

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