Nabeel Qureshi has gone to meet with Jesus today. (1983-2017) He died of cancer on September 16 after a year-long fight with advanced stomach cancer that spread up to his chest.

I will admit I have never read any of his books nor really followed him in his apologetical ministry. But after reading the obituaries today I was overwhelmed with sadness and grief and joy in one emotional ball of feelings.  What got to me the most was the post Nabeel had reported on Facebook when he announced he had cancer was this: “This is an announcement that I never expected to make, but God in His infinite and sovereign wisdom has chosen me for this refining, and I pray He will be glorified through my body and my spirit.”

I thought it was beautifully put for those of us who are going through similar trials. (and for those who are not going through trials) As I pondered what it must have felt like to be rejected and disowned by his family for becoming a Christian, to have to go through a miscarriage his wife had in October of 2016 and to discover that he has terminal cancer. With all that, he still has the faith and strength to proclaim that God had chosen him for “this refining”.

How many of us are willing to announce that? That our trials are of the Lord. That although there are questions that are unanswered within our lives, God does not waste a hurt. That despite the pain, the emotions, and hatred and anger that we go throughout in life, it is all for the Glory of God in the end.

On Episode 4 of the Council of Google Plus, I shared my testimony about how I was raped by my cousin when I was about 14 years old. I was angry with God most of my life and shook my fists towards Him and had so many questions. I carried those scars and the weight of depression for so long and it wasn’t until January 3rd of 2003, discovered the reason God allowed me to be refined in that. My future wife, with tears in her eyes, expressed that she was sexually abused by her Grandfather when she was very young in age. It was then I shared my pain and suffering and her and I both cried and healed that evening.  The words that I was taught many years ago from a dear friend was “God doesn’t waste a hurt.” Our hardships are not experienced out of vain. Our Lord is refining us even to this day. Be encouraged in that, Believer.

I realize that Nabeel made some poor choices over this past year when going to Redding, CA for healing at Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church. It did not sit well with me. But I can understand his reasoning during his last few months of the desperation of continuing living here on Earth to be with his wife and continue his ministry to Muslims. Let us not smear his name over such matters. I simply don’t want to hold that against him and desire to simply praise God for the outreach he and David Wood had for us to learn from.

John Wilkinson

-The Council of Google Plus



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