Apparently my opinion is unpopular.

Last week on the BTWN Podcast titled  “Matt Maher is Not Saved”  I discussed how many Protestant evangelicals listen to Roman Catholic, Matt Maher’s, music and the error of doing so.  I used this article as a starting point to support my claims.  Apparently my opinion is unpopular. I received a lot of push back exhorting me to recant my charges against him.

One defender of Maher emailed:

“I work in the music industry and I have been on tour with Matt Maher.  I have heard him speak and sing 50+ times, and never once have I heard him teach anything about Catholic doctrine … I do not claim loyalty to him or even his music, but I struggle to find a reason why I should sacrifice well crafted, theologically sound worship songs for others simply because he identifies as a Catholic.”

Folks, I was mistaken. His songs are doctrinally sound. I’ve misrepresented his position. Matt and his fellow Roman Catholic adherents all love Jesus and don’t say anything that is specifically Roman Catholic.

Um…  No!

Why not? Because God has revealed in Scripture a specific Gospel that has been entrusted to us. A Gospel that grants peace with God through the finished work of Christ for the glory alone of God.  Salvation is by faith alone, not of works, penance, indulgences, purgatory, merited grace, Mary worship, praying to dead saints, or transubstantiation.

Let’s examine the facts.

  1. Matt Maher claims to be a Roman Catholic. Here Here & Here
  2. He also admits to keeping his “most intimate aspects of his faith (the sacriments, the sacramental life, magisterium and Mary)  to himself”  and adopting “relationships apologetics” that lead to opportunities for him to share his Catholic faith with others.
  3. And furthermore, he sings specifically Roman Catholic songs Here Here and my favorite Here – No, really! The last song about worshipping bread rocks!
  4. In case you note the above songs are dated and think Maher no longer sings songs related to his “most intimate Catholic faith,” I present the following which I received from a listener:

Matt Maher’s song, “Lord, I need you,” starts with Matt’s idolatrous predilection for worshiping the bread of the Lord’s Supper: “Lord, I come, I confess. Bowing here I find my rest.” Bowing here? Protestants normally don’t understand what Roman Catholics are talking about. Here’s Matt Maher talking about being a worship leader at his church:

“…on Tuesday nights we do a thing called XLT. Basically, what it is, is a gathering of high school and college students. It’s … about 40 minutes of worship, 20 to 25 minutes of teaching and about 25 to 30 minutes of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.” (

XLT is SMS for “exalt.” What is exalted? Do a search on XLT—it’s a eucharistic adoration service:

“Every XLT has powerful and inspiring talks, a prayerful Eucharistic Adoration accompanied by music, silence, meditation and scripture readings.” (

Um, yeah.

That catchy song Evangelicals are introducing into their churches is about finding rest in Christ by worshiping an idol that is deeply offensive to Him.


I did some research and it is true.

Matt Maher leads XLT worship.  To be clear folks, eucharistic adoration is worship of bread! The false Roman Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation claims, that once blessed by a Catholic priest, the communion elements become the actual body of Christ.

Imagine if Christ came to your church and stood before your congregation. How would you respond if He did? Worship and adoration. That’s what Matt Maher practices and encourages worshipers to do to a wine and bread idol!

Watch Matt Maher lead bread worship.

Still doubt due to the date of the above clip? Here is a clip from 2016 promoting “Life Teen XLT Training” with Matt Maher

The truth is that Matt Maher in his current faith is damned. The Roman Catholic faith he holds to leads straight to hell.  When true Bible-believing Christians worship along side Maher, or to any of his songs, they are worshiping with a damned individual. If you need a full list of all the false teachings in the Roman Catholic Church – Here and understand Matt Maher holds to all of it.

My exhortation to you is stop worshiping with a damned person. Instead, every time you hear his music pray for his soul that God would bring him to saving faith. Faith that rejects the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and accepts the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Matt 5 years ago

    Tim You such a bigot for saying matt is a damed individual Just because he labels him as Roman Catholic means nothing I know many Roman Catholics that are saved so… yea your wrong and prideful

  2. Najin 5 years ago

    @John. Thats a very unreasonable and utterly unbiblical response, even foolish. We don’t have to be GOD to judge according to our LORD, our Heavenly FATHER has given us His word with a clear judgment in it, anyone who blatantly rejects fundamental biblical doctrine is accursed. Maybe you should also complain against Apostle Paul who gave such a rebuke against false converts and false teachers

  3. Dean 5 years ago

    Hi, I am trying to understand this point of view from a protestant Christian perspective… if Jesus preached a gospel of love why would he want you to ostracize anyone? People Jesus befriended did not all worship as a Jewish person did in His time. If you believe protestantism is the truth shouldn’t you want to help Matt Maher to come to the truth? And if so wouldn’t shunning him for being Catholic and writing posts like this work against the end of converting him through love?

  4. John 5 years ago

    Mr Hurd, you are not God and you do not know where Matt Maher’s heart is. You have no business making absolute pronouncements concerning his salvation. By all means express your concerns about his beliefs, but it’s not for you to say where his eternal destiny lies.

    • Author
      Tim Hurd 5 years ago

      A man believing a false gospel is lost. I pray he repents before it is too late.

      • John 5 years ago

        Tim, Are you a mind reader? Do you know exactly what Matt Maher believes? Have you talked with him about his faith? I think not to all three. So why not extend a bit of Christian love and grace to him? Referring to someone as “damned” is incredibly uncharitable. I’m sure you are quite capable of expressing yourself in more measured language. Only God knows whether someone is saved or not.

  5. Cody 5 years ago

    What a foolish position, to actually believe so blindly that there is any truth to the propaganda that the holy Catholic Church is anything BUT the church that Jesus Christ established. Are you people truly so incapable of simply examining history and seeing the obvious truth that the early church was and is still Catholic? Or more importantly are you so proud and arrogant that you refuse to submit to the Lord and open your ears to his guiding voice? I pray one day you’ll see the truth.

  6. Nick 5 years ago

    Not to mention his communion collaboration “Remembrance,” with its odft-unnoticed yet overt reference to transubstantiation.

  7. Adrian Clark 5 years ago

    “My exhortation to you is stop worshiping with a damned person.” (I would add or people).

    This is a thoroughly reformed position. If there are unrepentant Romanists in your congregation, or anyone recognised as reprobate and thus damned, you’ve no place worshipping with them.

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