Christians Sing

Whether you like doing it or not, the New Testament implies that our singing is important and Christians have been, historically, know as singing people.  In this episode we talk through some points from the introduction to Keith and Kristyn Getty’s new book, “Sing” and also look at how singing has been used by God and His people all throughout history.

Sing The Psalms

In our discussion we talk much about the psalms and how they are meant to be sung, not just read.  Be sure to check out Seeds Family Worship for their many resources that equip the church with songs from Scripture.

We hope this episode encourages  you to sing for joy and shout aloud to The Rock of our salvation!


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Intro: Marrio Esco “Shine As Lights”
Outro: Seeds Family Worship “Delight Yourself”

  1. Coleen Sharp 5 years ago

    Great episode. Glad you mention the Psalms. We love using the psalter. It’s a great way to memorize Scripture. And for children. Like you talked about how the words stick with you. It’s a great way for children to memorize Scripture, through song.
    I was actually a music major. So was my husband. We love hymns & psalms, and music based on Scripture.

    • Author
      Adam Staub 5 years ago

      Thank you so much Coleen!! Really cool that you guys were both music majors! I have always loved music and dabble in instruments/vocal song, here and there but really appreciate the deeper study of it too and the gifting and talent God gives certain people (along with their own hard work too of course)! Do you have any other resources you would recommend for our listeners and anyone else who would want to enrich this area of their life? Would appreciate you input.

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