Join Tim Shaughnessy and Tim Kauffman for the fifth episode in this exciting series in Eschatology. This week we continue in the book of Daniel as Tim Kauffman leads our discussion and challenges the historical understanding of chapter 11.

As always we want to thank Tim Kauffman and recommend his blog to our listeners.

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  1. Shelley 5 years ago

    This is very interesting. I have listened to all the messages in this series and am looking forward to the future ones on eschatology with Tim Kauffman.

    There’s a slight problem on this recording. At about 1:06:06, some loud music is playing for a little over a minute at the same time Tim K is speaking and the listener can’t hear what he’s saying. Some sort of recording mishap. If possible, please remove the music track, so all of Mr. Kauffman’s comments may be heard. Thanks and blessings!

    • Author
      Tim Shaughnessy 5 years ago

      Ahh thank you for that Shelley. I accidentally uploaded the wrong track but have since fixed it. We appreciate you listening and take the time to point out my mistake. We will continue one the topic of Eschatology with Tim Kauffman in future episodes so I hope you stay tuned.

      Thank you,
      Tim S.

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