LITV Episode 27 | Jesus, Man

Jesus, Man – Episode #27

In This Episode…

    In the next two weeks we talk about the two natures of Jesus. This week, we focus on Jesus’s humanity. Today, Mormonism is the fastest growing “Christian” religion in the world. We’ve been visited by Jehovah’s Witnesses. They both speak of Jesus. What makes our Jesus different? Does it matter? Important questions we felt needed answering.

01:04 – Segment 1

  • We start the discussion by talking about how Jesus is the most popular Sunday school answer.
  • Why is it important to talk about Jesus Himself?
  • John C. has been shunned by members of his family as they are Mormon.
  • The wrong Jesus can’t save anybody, therefore, this is an important topic.
  • Jesus has two natures, so we’ll discuss them in two episodes.
  • We give an overview of the next two weeks including a definition of nature.
  • How do you pronounce Chalcedonian?
  • The branches have a brief discussion on a history lesson about the early church and coming up with a formulation and battling heresy.
  • The ditches that can occur with this topic land you in heresy.

09:37 – Segment 2

  • We go through the various characteristics of Jesus’ human nature.
  • Jesus is truly God and truly Man in one Person.
  • The glorified state of Jesus’ body is discussed.
  • We feel sorry for James, the brother of Jesus.
  • A relevant discussion on Nestorianism and other early church heresies is had.

23:46 – Segment 3

  • There is a further discussion on heresy and why it logically doesn’t make sense to separate Jesus’ natures.
  • We continue to discuss the different attributes of the humanity of Jesus.
  • Next, we ask, did Jesus have a soul?
  • All of this is fine, but we finally get into the why. So, why does Jesus need to be truly Man?
  • It brings great rest that Jesus understands what we go through, and we have all the tools that Jesus used to not sin.

Scripture Discussed in the Show

      • 2 John 7 Episode Verse
      • Luke 2:40
      • Luke 2:52
      • John 19:28
      • Matthew 11:19
      • Matthew 5:7-8
      • John 12:27
      • Matthew 26:38
      • John 13:21
      • John 11:35
      • Matthew 8:27
      • Matthew 15:54-56
      • Hebrews 4:15
      • 2 Corinthians 5:21
      • Matthew 24:36
      • John 2:14-15

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Episode Length 45:13

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week!


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