SRR #62 | Interview: Tom Juodaitis of The Trinity Foundation

Join Tim and Carlos for an interview with a very special guest, Thomas W. Juodaitis, President of The Trinity Foundation! They discuss the history of The Trinity Foundation; the relationship between Gordon Clark and John Robbins; misrepresentations of Robbins’ character and his work, as well as his criticisms of John Piper. They wrap up with an announcement of the 2017 Conference sponsored by The Trinity Foundation, “The Reformation at 500: Is It Over Or Is It Needed Now More Than Ever?” on October 27, 2017. Plenty of space is still available, so register soon! Register today!

The Trinity Foundation is one of the best sources for Reformed theology, philosophy, apologetics, sound doctrine, and developing a Christian worldview of everything from science to politics. They also expose irrationalism and false teachings in “Christian” churches, seminaries and colleges.

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