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    We welcome the pastor of Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado and author of Water of Creation, Doug Van Dorn to the episode. We have an enlightening conversation on baptism, it’s meaning, its mode

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      • Acts 2:38 Episode Verse

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  1. Bruce Zittlow 5 years ago

    Tim I appreciate your comments. As for myself, I hold to baptismal regeneration along the line of Martin Luther. A view of all of the passages that reference the terms ‘baptism, baptize, baptized, baptizing,’ will reveal that there is a certain efficacy in baptism. Sins are said to be washed away, people are buried and raised with Christ, baptism is said to save us, etc. I suspect that the reason the verses are not read is that they might lead in a direction many consider to be heretical. Then again, I should note that there are some heretical views (Church of Christ, United Pentecostal) of baptism that purport to hold to baptismal regeneration but that are really disguised works righteousness.

  2. Timothy Joseph 5 years ago

    The idea that Jesus was baptized in order to fulfill the priestly requirement and the discussion following it are a horrible example of taking a biblical text and making it say the exact opposite of what it means! The book of Hebrews is not about Jesus doing the things of the old covenant, as your guest stated, but instead about Jesus being Greater than these sketches. Jesus sacrifice was NOT a day of atonement sacrifice, but a Greater sacrifice that did not have to be repeated, year after year. The scripture is clear, Jesus baptism was indeed to fulfill all righteousness, He obeyed the entire Law, so that His righteousness could be imputed to us.
    It is extremely relevant that the Spirit as He carries along the human writer of Hebrews does NOT reveal this priestly connection to Jesus baptism, but instead to God raising from the dead,; Hebrews 5:5


  3. Bruce Zittlow 5 years ago

    I’m aghast at these views of baptism, taking into account almost no scripture. Scripture says many things about baptism, almost all of which were ignored in this discussion.

    • Timothy Joseph 5 years ago

      I tried to listen beyond my comments below hoping that the discussion would become biblically based, but NO, you are correct, this was not a bible based exegesis but a man centered eisegesis.
      I am a believers baptism guy, but I pray that it is NOT for any of the reasons discussed here!

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