In the past I have urged and pleaded with Clayton Jennings to Repent – Here 

Jennings is a man who is running from correction. He has been stripped of his ministry credentials. When church discipline was placed upon him he left his home church, the same church where his father was senior pastor.

Clayton ran from God into the arms of anyone who claims to be christian that would embrace him.  He no longer is accepted within orthodox christianity.  He now runs among those who preach the health and wealth prosperity. He recently held revival meetings in a church who’s pastor frequently holds healing services and has been known to use a well know parlor trick to lengthen the legs of those who suffer leg or hip discomfort.

The reasons for Clayton to be under church discipline has been documented – Here. 

And now this. Yet another public display of pride, immaturity, arrogance and worldliness.

Clayton describes his rejection of Satan’s lies as giving the middle finger:

“I denied Satan’s lies like Judas with a

middle finger and a slow kiss.”

As Clayton attempt to confront sissified christian men he says:

“I used to be timid but I reached between

my legs and what they lack is what I found”


I do not hate this man.  I am concerned for his soul and those who ignorantly follow him.

I urge you to pray for this man. Run from this man. Warn others of this man.

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My friends at Pulpit & Pen also wrote a blog addressing Clayton Jennings latest video and can be viewed – Here

Read  “3 Amazing Facts About The Clayton Jennings Revival” of 2018 – HERE 


  1. Froggo Zijgeb 12 months ago

    Hm i redd a lot of cr`ian stuff lasst night, and now i see that cr`ians behave no better than Pagans & Wiccans.
    Hail Baphomet!

  2. Jordan 3 years ago

    So, should he not be allowed to put out poetry? Or should he just be banned from preaching?

  3. Andrew 3 years ago

    Clayton has saved many lives with his video “Please Don’t Kill Yourself.” In fact, I saw it this past December at one of my lowest points in life and it probably saved mine too! Some of you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself who you really are? Are you saving souls? Or are you only worried about saving your own? If God can forgive us then we can forgive others. It’s in the Bible. God bless you all.

  4. Aubrey Flux 4 years ago

    We’re all sinners, hopefully those who judge Clayton lead perfect lives.

  5. Aubrey Flux 4 years ago

    We’re all sinners, hopefully those who judge Clayton lead a pure life.

  6. Crystal Slattery 4 years ago

    Disgusting lies! Clayton, apologized for his sins and repented. He does not preach wealth & prosperity. I admire his courage to acknowledge that all he spoke about was a lie. He has a beautiful wife & daughter. As horrid has what he did was..he is forgiven. We’re all sinners saved by grace! Period! We need salvation through Christ alone. I’m sure know that he has a daughter he’s wept over his past mistakes.

  7. Elizabeth 4 years ago

    “Let him who has never sinned, cast the first stone…” We all forget that Clayton’s sins are no bigger or worse than our very own!! It is not our job to be throwing all these stones. When the woman caught in adultry was thrown at Jesus’s feet, what did HE do! HE was the ONLY ONE qualified to judge this woman and HE didn’t!! HE showed her love, mercy and grace!! If Clayton has NOT yet repented, that’s between him and the Father. All I know, is when I saw him in Denver, my niece and her husband got saved because Clayton said the TRUTH from the word of God. Plain & Simple! God commands us all to love one another. We should do that and stop giving the true enemy (Satan) any glory thru our own foolish pride!

    • Timothy Luketich 4 years ago

      I 100% agree, but I would also like to say that you would be a good preacher/motivational speaker.

  8. K. Frazier 4 years ago

    Attended a Clayton Jennings revival for the first time. Never heard of him before my friend invited me. He boldly preached the gospel. We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Don’t limit our mighty God. He can use anyone to glorify Him.

  9. Louis 4 years ago

    This is lies you are passing judgement on a man of God, who is bold enough to say that he is a sinner, if you listen to what he says, he’s telling you not to follow him. but to follow Christ. This is the exact thing the pharisees did to Christ. You guys are the instrument of the enemy and you need prayer.

  10. Dillon 4 years ago

    First, Clayton did not highlight his genitals in that spoken word. He was simply trying to convey the message that we need to be courageous and preach the Good News of Jesus.
    Secondly, Clayton is doing soooo much for this nation in regards to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He preaches to the masses at his revivals. I firmly believe that if Clayton wasn’t truly a man of God or doing God’s Will, then God wouldn’t bless his ministry and give him so much support from other people.
    I think we all need to stop judging others and just work on ourselves; see what we can do to spread the Word and Love of God to others.
    Clayton already has a lot to do, so please just stop adding more stress to his life.
    God Bless all my brothers and sisters in Christ!

    • Luke 4 years ago

      Tell that to Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, and Joseph Prince.. yeah. Satan can cause the success of these people. That includes Clayton Jennings. Satan’s primary goal is to keep people from Jesus, and he will do whatever it takes.

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  12. Mary 4 years ago

    I agree this young man needs prayer, he is not of God, I followed him at first and the more he posted the more my spirit warned me, so very sad, I even left a very nice message on his page with my concern for him and I was blocked from his page, God is Love, where was the love in blocking someone that was showing love?

  13. Stephanie S. 4 years ago

    Just Googled his name to see if he’s turned it around yet. Disappointed to see he’s still rebelling against the body of Christ for his own pride. Those elders gave sound council in my opinion. I think that anyone who is still taking his side hasn’t taken the time to read about everything that happened.

    If you just watch his videos now vs before the scandal, he speaks with such pride and such a rebellious spirit. Now his ministry is more about defending himself than defending the gospel. You can see his grieving the Holy Spirit is taking a toll on his spiritual life just by watching his videos. It’s so sad. Pray for Clayton.

  14. Susan Roberts 4 years ago

    I am a member of that very church that Clayton was a member of. I know Clayton and will always love him and his family but what he did to those women, our church and many dear people and friends of our church was and is still heartbreaking. Please do not judge our church because of his decision to leave. What he did was wrong on all counts and to blame the women for his actions is absurd. We are not a church full of hypocrites, we are a church still healing and a church who loves God and will always show Gods love to everyone. We are a Bible believing and a Bible teaching church.

  15. Bill 5 years ago

    typical Satan, jealous of his ministry he preaches Jesus. The elders at his church are not Jesus.

  16. barbara 5 years ago

    I’m sure if Clayton Jennings tested what the church leaders wanted against scripter and prayed and then decided to leave the church then as a believer he has a right to do so. I would definitely need to hear both sides of the story. Which I don’t have! Please enlighten me!

  17. Christine 5 years ago

    So your believing what. Teenage girls who didn’t get what they wanted! And turned it around on Clayton Jennings. As HAS Happened, TO MANY men in this world. Spoiled little Rich Brats! Who didn’t get their way!! Typical, God knows the truth and the devil is at work in this world trying to get Clayton Jennings to shut up!! Well I HOPE AND PRAY THAT HE DOESNT shut up, AND ALL YOU WUSsy MEN He WaS REFERRING to in that Video. Crawl back to where ever they were because they don’t want to hear the truth.

    • Author
      Tim Hurd 5 years ago

      No, we are believing Jennings actual confessions of his own sin.

      We are believing the many women who have come forward telling of the experiences they have has with Jennings.

      We are believing the mentor whom Jennings chose to help him deal with his sin whom Jennings has since ran from because he would not submit to him.

      And most importantly we are believing the elders and pastors of the church Clayton Jennings used to attend before he left due to his refusal to submit to their authority. FYI – these elders have since retracted Clayton’s ministry credentials and placed him under church discipline.

      We love truth and pray for Jennings to repent.

    • Joe Smith 3 years ago

      The celebrity worship is real. Never mind the real victims, the girls who were abused because of Clayton’s position and power as an evangelical teacher. The fact that his elders had to remove him should speak volumes. Unfortunately with these cult of personality celebrity preachers, the only one that matters is the cult of personality, and everyone else is always considered at fault

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