The Lamp For Our Feet

Scripture claims to be a lamp producing light which shows us the way to go.  It claims to be of Divine origin, literally “God breathed”, and that it’s profitable for every good work.  If this is the case, then we would do well to really dig in and get to know its contents.

How Jesus Viewed Scripture

Much of this episode is looking at how Jesus and the Disciples viewed Scripture.  We look at how it shaped their lives and their apologetic.  This, then, leads us into the discussion about what that means for us.  Do we treat Scripture the same way they did?  Do we appreciate it for what it is and allow it to shape our lives?

We hope this episode sharpens you and encourages you to dive into The Word Of God, more than you ever have before.



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Intro: Marrio Esco “Shine As Lights”
Outro: Seeds Family Worship “Delight Yourself”


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