God Can’t Exist Because: Evil?

Everything published, produced and projected upon you has an agenda. A message to influence you.  As I watched a recent episode of ABC’s “The Good Doctor” this was painfully clear.



There really is no “Problem of Evil” – God’s decrees are perfect.

The BTWN podcast episode #231 on this topic effectively refutes the idea of evil being a problem. HERE

BibleThumpingWingnut Podcast Partner Grappling With Theology addressed the “Problem of Evil” – HERE 

As Matt Slick of BTWN’s “Slick Answers” states in his article.

The question implies that if a good God exists, then evil shouldn’t because God, being all powerful, should stop it.

We need to ask and answer two questions. First, what is evil? It is that which is against God. It is anything morally bad or wrong. It is injurious, depraved, wicked. Some acceptable examples might be murder, rape, stealing, lying, and cheating. Second, if we want God to stop evil, do we want Him to stop all evil, or just some of it? In other words, if just some of it, then why? If He were to stop only part of the evil, then we would still be asking the question, “Why is there evil in the world?”

– Read Matt’s Article In Full –  Here






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