They Faced Down Lions, Fires And Swords

God’s people are a bold bunch and it’s always been that way.  Whether you go back to ancient Babylon or into modern day China, they’ve always been willing to literally be thrown into fires rather than deny the true and living God.

Cloud Of Witnesses

Because, as Christians, we have this rich heritage to look back on, we should be encouraged and emboldened to cast off our own sin and passionately live for Christ, as well.  They serve as shining examples of the power, grace and truth of God

Willing To Die

Join us in this conversation as we read and discuss the stories of men and women throughout history who joyfully asked for death when presented to chance to either compromise or live

May these serve as examples for us and may we, too, be uncompromising in our devotion to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords


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Intro: Marrio Esco “Shine As Lights”
Outro: Seeds Family Worship “Delight Yourself”



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