BTWN 282 | Clayton Jennings | Tom Buck | Dr. James White | Leighton Flowers

Tim discusses multiple topics on his to do list:

– 5:50 Pastor Tom Buck claims BTWN is playing both sides of the fence.

– 11:15 Dr. James White’s response to Pulpit & Pen tweet

– 16:30 Being “Reconciled” doesn’t mean we don’t speak the truth

BTWN “Be  Reconciled One To Another” Podcast – HERE

– 26:45 Clayton Jennings home church is still healing

BTWN Article referenced – HERE

– 43:00 “God is a God of Second Chances” Meme

– 48:00 Is Leighton Flowers a heretic?


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  1. ToniB 3 years ago

    Hi Areon-
    What you refer to as back biting is often the necessary division that occurs when one believer is forced to PUBLICLY confront another, as Paul did Peter….why? Because Peter PUBLICLY erred and all who witnessed and heard the error now needed to be straightened out along with Peter. It may be “uncomfortable” for you but you really need to shed the thin skin and understand that many sheep are being misled by so-called orthodox Christians from popular “sound” ministries. And enough is enough. I personally experienced dangerously erroneous teaching and behavior in a so-called “orthodox” denomination and it produced such grief and insomnia that I thought I wouldn’t wish it on anybody- but perhaps I should rethink that position- maybe that is what it will take to convince people of how serious the situation has become.

  2. Areon Jackson 3 years ago

    I am so sick and flippin’ tired of the JD / P&P vs James White crap. This has been going on for FAR too long. It is divisive and makes me want to turn off everyone, including BTWN. I have been a loyal listener/follower of BTWN and DL and have recommended them to numerous people. I’m embarrassed that dirty laundry continues to be focal points of discussion instead of the edification of the church.
    Ironically, those who preach discernment lack discernment to see the dissention being sown by their back-bating.
    Disagree with one another? Fine. Take it behind closed doors and keep it there. Then come back out and build each other up in the Lord.

    • Author
      Tim Hurd 3 years ago

      I hear ya. I get it. Hang in. This too shall pass. Pray for everyone involved.

  3. Toni Brown 3 years ago

    Hi Tim- Just for the record, what James White did was deeply troubling on many fronts- and this is coming from someone who has learned so much from Dr. White…but he is a brother in error, and he slams JD for the very thing he is doing himself! Dr. White refuses to admit that his approach with Qahdi was problematic- instead he doubles down! I literally, and I mean LITERALLY, cringed as I listened to Dr. White drip adoring sugar all over a demonically inspired false religionist who works tirelessly to keep people from the cross of Christ. What happened that night was not “showing respect” or even evangelism…It was over the line. I do not support the way it was handled by Howse & company, but shame on Phil Johnson, Justin Peters, Mike Abendroth and many others for their soft-peddling on the issue. I thought it was very telling that Justin Peters (Judge Not Q&A) admitted that had Rick Warren done the same thing he would have taken issue immediately but James White’s solid reputation must be taken into consideration….yikes.
    This is a very, very, very unsettling approach to error.
    As for JD Hall, If God gave me a vote in earthly matters for the church I’d trade White, Johnson, Peters and Abendroth all back in for just 1 more JD Hall! He is a rare gem in today’s apostate church.

    Thank you so much for your bold, faithful witness, and for giving JD a platform to speak the truth.

    Toni Brown
    Rock Hill, SC

  4. Jonathan 3 years ago

    I don’t think JW is bothered because JD doubled down. JW is bothered because instead of JD dealing with arguments JW gave, JD posts a meme. JW has defended his IFD views and the Scriptures people have used against him. JW has even challenged to go on their program to clear things up. JW did not post a meme about a completely different topic than the one at hand. The meme seem like it was more of an emotional attack to pull the heart strings of men. I like both JW and JD.

    • Author
      Tim Hurd 3 years ago

      Who’s program did White “challenge to go on”?

      I think the meme makes a valid point.

  5. Jonathan 3 years ago

    The difference is that on the Apologia difference, James White did not agree with the correction. He did not bring up a different circumstance and doubled down. He made his points clear and disagreed. However, PP bringing up the MEME is bringing a different situation and trying to equate it. It seems like JW is pointing out how PP did not respond to any of the arguments JW gave to JD. Instead of hearing correction or refuting the correction, they post a meme that has nothing to do with what JW said.

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