New Episode. On this episode of Polemics Report, the first since April, we cover the charismatic fixation with moon-based prophecies, the Downgrade of Tim Keller, an explanation of stylistic vs substantive Fundamentalism, New Calvinism, and James White’s Elephant Rooming of Michael Brown.

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  1. ToniB 5 years ago

    There are no sufficient words to express my gratitude for what you are doing dear brother! I am so deeply grieved at what I have personally experienced in so-called Bible believing, “orthodox” churches! Anytime I attempted to express what I considered to be very serious concerns they were always quickly dismissed in the same form and fashion as the beloved James White. I have appreciated the ministry of Dr. White in many ways, but once he pulled the Yasir Qadhi debacle I began to really pay attention to his approach to false teachers within the Christian church- and what I discovered is that there are no false teachers!! According to Dr. White (on a very recent episode of the Dividing Line) he would never condemn someone with “different ideas”, “even if they are teaching heresy”…that is a direct quote. God forbid.
    Please keep the podcasts coming…the sheep are starving and there are precious few places to find food!!
    Toni Brown

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