The Gatekeepers of False Teachers

On this episode Tim considers Dr. Michael Brown defense of Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson & Mike Bickle on the Dividing Line with Dr. James White

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Resources read, played and or referred to within this podcast.

JD Hall on Modern Day Montanism – A Critique of the Charismatic Movement

NoCo on Bickle, Brown & Chan
Wretched on Bickle
Phil Johnson on Dr. Brown’s White washing of Johnson & Benny Hinn
5 min mark
DL With Brown
Endorses Hiedi Baker 51:00
Heidi Baker has a degree in stigmatic theology!!!
Baker’s claim we are the oily ones


  1. Simon J. Kok 5 years ago

    Tim, another weary and tired listener here. It’s hard to recognize in myself again the tendency to look up to men and that these men we lift on pedestals always fail us sooner or later in some way. The heart really is an idol factory.

    Here are my thoughts, if you (or anyone else) has time to listen:

  2. scott 5 years ago

    “a man who had some very strange and dangerous beliefs a man who was fascinated with spectacular manifestations of spiritual gifts… the forerunner of the contemporary charismatic movement…His spiritual strengths shine through… a man who genuinely loved the Lord… yet he had some horrible blind spots, some aspects of his ministry that were terribly unbiblical…was so often wrong, he was sincerely wrong. His life offers lessons that we can continue to learn from today–the danger of accepting sources of authority outside the Bible, the dangers of creating a kind of two-tier faith in which some have further gifts while others do not, and the dangers of seeing all sickness as a mark of sin rather than a result of sinfulness. All three of these mark the charismatic movement today to various degrees.’
    Challies on Edward Irving

    ‘the danger of accepting sources of authority outside the Bible, the dangers of creating a kind of two-tier faith in which some have further gifts while others do not,’

    Surely the emphasis should be on the dangers of such men rather than grant them platforms to influence great multitudes, certainly it must be so if we turn to our Bible. Maybe James White would seek to be used of the Lord to save Michael Brown from a path of similar wrongs and promoting even from silence, sources that hold ‘very strange dangerous beliefs’, as that is what MB may well be remembered for. It all could be so different by the grace of God, as we remember and learn lessons from Edward Irving’s sad legacy.

    Todd Friel: The adjective we should be using for Michael Brown is the “dangerous” Michael Brown and we should be avoiding him. Phil Johnson: Agreed.

  3. […] I lstened to this episode of the Bible Thumping Wingnut last night. I found it troubling, but, then again, when this ministry first began I worked shoulder to shoulder with Ken Silva doing heavy duty discernment work and this episode sure took me back. I am convinced that our enemy has worked very hard within the Visible Church to discredit discernment ministries by making the wolves attacking the Body of Christ appear to be victims of slander and unfair exposure by those of us who simply tell the truth about what is going in those “ministries.” Here is the link: The Gatekeepers of False Teachers […]

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