This episode of the LBM podcast is a previously recorded dialogue between Tyler Vela and Jason Mullett on their respective views of the Genesis 1 text. Tyler defends his view that he names A Historical-Grammatical and Polemical Reading of Genesis 1 and Jason holds to the standard YEC (Young Earth Creation) model of Genesis 1. Be ready for a lively discussion.

Video Podcast:

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  1. Curt Cutler 5 years ago

    Hey guys I was thinking about what you were talking about and taking Genesis 1 as God just differentiating light and darkness and then later on in Genesis differentiating signs and markers for day and night.
    I don’t think you have to equate Genesis 1 with day. As Tyler seems to be doing.
    The expression let there be light and the separation of light and darkness is a revelation of creative action taken by God in the formless void which I would assume to be Darkness.

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