This is a long but important conversation, time stamps for the conversation are below:
0:005:15 Show intro, G3 preparations, 4th quarter players
5:169:05 What is Pirate Christian Radio
9:0610:24 How to handle large doses of heresy and foolishness
10:2412:17 The necessity of discernment and polemics ministries
12:1814:09 Doesn’t God want us to have a positive self image?
14:1016:00 Their teaching spreads like cancer
16:0121:39 Preachers who preach themselves
21:4025:17 Going to Church to be entertained
25:1829:35 Daily bible reading and rebuking false teachers
29:3634:30 Should discernment be more loving?
34:3138:59 Behind the scenes of Pirate Christian Radio
38:4041:28 Heretics & false teachers react to Pirate Christian Radio
41:2944:38 The Elephant Room, warning James MacDonald
44:3950:40 Is the Trinity a Salvation Issue?
50:4155:25 Baptist vs. Lutheran Distinctives
55:2658:10 Confessional vs. ELCA Lutheranism
58:111:00:49 The battle for the heart and soul of the ELCA
1:00:501:02:28 BTWN Network Info
1:02:291:18:34 Good Tweet Bad Tweet “Famous Pastrix Edition”
1:18:351:20:13 The NAR: the threat & the history & background
1:20:141:25:29 the “Seven Mountain Mandate” & Theonomic similarities
1:25:301:31:51 Why is the NAR a greater threat than any other heresy?
1:31:521:36:18 NAR strategy and methodology for take over
1:36:191:38:02 NAR teachers to be aware of
1:38:031:42:49 NAR’s connection to Jesus Culture and Youth Groups
1:42:501:45:03 The NAR is a global threat
1:45:031:52:22 NAR Red flags and advice for Pastors
1:52:231:55:27 NAR Red flags and advice for Parents
1:55:281:59:28 Recommended resources on the NAR
1:59:292:02:06 – Closing
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  1. […] however they are far from orthodox. Both are “Christian Family Churches” that hold to a NAR view of apostolic gifts and frequently hold healing services known to use a well know parlor trick to lengthen the legs of […]

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