This week Tim Kauffman walks us through the Seventy Weeks prophecy in Daniel 9 showing that Gabriel actually states that the Seventy Weeks are cut up, or divided, and then proceeds to describe them as cut up and divided into three separate sets of Weeks. Historically, eschatologists have tried to put the sevens back together again to make them fit Christ, but instead we ought to do as Gabriel did, which is leave them cut up. When we cut them up the way Gabriel did, we find that each set of weeks has its own starting point and its own fulfillment under the Mosaic covenant, ultimately leading us to the identification of the Abomination of Desolation that Jesus said would return within one generation as a sign of Jerusalem’s impending destruction.

In addition to Tim Kauffman’s teaching here we would also like to recommend his blog Out of His Mouth to our listeners.

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