Len joins BTWN to review Dr. Micheal Brown statements and support of the Brownsville Revival.

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  1. Mike Yonce 5 years ago

    The problem with James White is not that all things hyper-charismatic is not in his wheelhouse, but rather he categorically refuses to do his own research and find out the truth for himself. I don’t blame anyone for not taking yours, mine, or anyone else’s word for it, but to refuse to find out for yourself is inexcusable at any level. He has simply chosen to double down, triple down, and quadruple down in defending Michael Brown. His mantra of “your just against anyone whose theology doesn’t perfectly line up with yours” is less than hollow, it’s a total cop out. His credibility is plummeting towards zero at an alarming rate. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect blah blah blah, LOL.
    Grace and peace

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