Sport BJJ for self defense, Spider Guard, and Christian Beliefs Chapter 2 (well, part of chapter 2 anyways) are all discussed on today’s podcast.

Flow Grappling says that Rickson Gracie’s view on sport BJJ being ineffective in self-defense is outdated. Do you agree? I give my thoughts. (for more info on the Olympic Judoka who was mugged after medaling, click here).

Spider guard is a position that few people work on. Jiu Jitsu Times makes the case that you should work on not just Spider Guard, but many other uncommon positions and why that will expand your game overall. I agree and give my thoughts and experience. What positions do you need work on? Email us at

I dive into Chapter 2 of “Christian Beliefs” but I don’t quite finish it. The title heading of Chapter 2 is “What is God Like?”

The NikandSi YouTube channel is our NEW podcast partner. If you struggle with takedowns or just want to learn a more violent form of Judo (known as the “Collier Method”), check out their content at


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Grace and peace!!


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    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing it

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