This week Tim Kauffman walks us through the final week of Gabriel’s prophecy, showing that the Seventieth Week of Daniel was to follow the Sixty Two weeks, just as Gabriel prophesied, rather than following the Sixty Nine Weeks as is traditionally assumed. Tim Kauffman walks us through the seven year confirmation of a covenant between the Jews and the gentiles, during which the people, the city and the sanctuary in Jerusalem were re-desolated, including a decree in the middle of the week prohibiting sacrifices, and finally, the recovery of the Temple Mount by the Jews, followed by the cleansing of the sanctuary in accordance with Daniel 8:14 and the rededication and anointing of the “most holy”—the altar—in accordance with Daniel 9:24 and the Lord’s instructions in Ezekiel 43. All of this happened under the old covenant in a Mosaic, Levitical context, just as Daniel foretold.

In addition to Tim Kauffman’s teaching here we would also like to recommend his blog Out of His Mouth to our listeners.

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