On this episode JD covers two topics. The first is Servus Christi’s untenable Ad Infintum Degrees of Separation, and the second is the Douglas Wilson vs Joel McDurmon debate on “theonomy” (PS neither hold to it).

Video of this episode:

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  2. kurt anderson 4 years ago

    You probably know this by now but Beginning of Sorrows blog is written by Joshua Chavez. He is Servus Christi. I have been communicating with him regarding his videos and found him to be very rigid. His favorite response is to claim that if a critic cannot point out a specific verse to counter his verse than the critic is operating from an emotional point of view. He often ends his comments with a sarcastic sounding phrase and seems overly critical. Perhaps its his style – I don’t get worked up about it but he does not like my comments. I appreciate your insights.

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