1. Mick 4 years ago

    Hey David MCCauley (and other mis-informed anti-Catholics), are you truly interested in the truth, or just your own fallible interpretation of it?

    A question: What good is it to have an INerrant source (ie. Holy Scriptures), if It can only be interpreted by errant minds (ie. private interpretation)?
    Christ gave us His Church, hand-picking the Apostles as It’s first leaders, and instituted/commissioned St. Peter as It’s first head, endowing His infallible authority for a reason – He knows that left to our own fallible minds, we will come up with any number of heresies… often blaming the Holy Spirit for such whims. How many hundreds of thousands of different “Christian ‘denominations’ ” are we up to now, all claiming to have the Holy Spirit as their source, yet in deep conflict with their official teachings?
    (Note “official” teachings – just as protestant organisations have theirs, Catholics have “official” teachings, which isn’t every single teaching that comes from the Pope or other Church authorities).

    One of the problems I think you have is that you misunderstand the use of word tradition – there’s tradition (tradition of men), and then there’s Tradition (the transmission of Faith).
    If it were mere “traditions of men” – that we were warned about in Scripture, you would have a point, however it’s not.
    Christ doesn’t oppose “all” tradition – only that which is man-made. Consider II Thessalonians, chapter 2, where we’re told:
    “Stand firm, then, brethren, and hold by the “traditions” you have learned, in word or in writing, from us.” (emphasis mine).

    A bit more reading for you:


    … and on the subject of “tradition”:


    Robert Sungenis was mentioned above – I agree that he’s a worthy apolgist for the faith, if you want to seek him out for further info.
    There are others also.

    All the best…

  2. Glenn Argento 5 years ago

    Matt always gets owned when debating Catholics. His discussions with Robert Sungenis and Tim Staples especially reveal this. I personally would like to see just a Gerry and Matt discussion. But you can see that Matt gets agitated when he gets refuted and has to start attacking the Catholic Church as a supposed apostate institution.

    • DAVID MCCAULEY 5 years ago

      It is a an apostate institution. Clearly tradition should never trump scripture and Romon Catholics seem to a revisionist version of church history.

  3. Noah Mackenroth 5 years ago

    I wish Matt Slick would stop interrupting . . . so irritating.

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