Polycarp Gives NAR Prophet A Divine Message Concerning Trump

NAR Prophet Stephen Powell Claims Polycarp Gave Him A Divine Message Concerning Trump.

Late into the night of April 14th, 2018 Stephen Powell of “Financial Glory Ministries” received a divine message concerning President Donald Trump from Polycarp!

Yes, the same Stephen Powell BTWN reviewed on Podcast episode #299 (Link Here) as he struggled to heal a man with a “floater” in his eye during a healing service.

Powell claims that Polycarp the 1st century disciple of John the author of John & Revelation, spoke directly to him during his trip to heaven on Saturday night.

No I am not making this up. Stephen Powell is. (see video below)

Powell claims the all important message Polycarp gave him is :

“The benefits of Trumps administration will outweigh the damage it causes.”

Really. Of all the things that Polycarp could communicate to this false teacher. Yeah, face palm followed by heavy sigh.

Additionally (at the 4 min mark) Powell testifies of how an angel came to him this week after collecting an offering from a church.  Powell claims the angel took the offering to heaven.  I am not sure what the IRS will say about that.

Powell tells his viewers at the 9:25 mark that God is now setting up a “New Apostolic System” of ruling here in the west where “Apostles in the order of Paul and Peter” will pass judgements from the courtroom of heaven.

At the 16:00 min make Stephen Powell reveals what Polycarp’s divine message was.

If you live in Philadelphia you should be concerned.

If you live in Philadelphia you should be concerned because at the 41:30 mark of this video “Prophet Stephen” warns of a major earthquake that is coming.  I sure wish he would tell us when.  That shouldn’t be to difficult for him to find out as Jesus & Angels of all sorts visit him multiple times per week.

This outright fabrication from Powell is not new nor is it rare. On a daily basis he makes equal and greater outlandish claims of divine encounters and revelations.

Stephen Powell is why BTWN exists.

Stephen Powell is an example as to why BTWN exists today. BTWN started as a response to the thousands of people who profess Christ yet willingly or unwillingly lead may astray.  Powell’s ministry is growing quickly. My desire is to expose the Powell’s foolishness and warn the church.

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Watch the debacle:


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