Paul Washer and Hillsong and Stuff – Polemics Report

On this episode, JD talks about Servus Christi’s assertion that Paul Washer is partnering with Hillsong, and he explains how dumb that is. He also talks about a lot of other stuff in the news. Listen, if you want to be smarter, wiser, and better looking.

Video of this episode:

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  1. Aaron 4 years ago

    Big MacArthur denies the blood and laughs at Jesus as our High priest sprinkling His blood on the altar and teaches you can take the mark and be saved. He’s also a hyperdispensationalist teaching more than one gospel. No way is he even saved. WOLF! stop worshiping a dude. A heretick dude at that. Smh Oh, and Calvin died an unrepentant murderer. Have a nice day.

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  3. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Hello I found this link and wondering what your thoughts do you reply to email? Read pulpit & pen cannot be trusted. Its a very sad day to see paul washer get suck into this. But John macarthur, Ligon duncan, Alistar begg are also all part of this too! Its terrible and sad. 🙁

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