Len Pettis joins BTWN to discuss Clayton Jennings steadfastness in “ministry”.

BUT first we discuss Steven Furtick’s “Sneaky Jesus”.

On a Facebook post Clayton Jennings posted this picture along with this description.

“The fight on the left has caused the fainting on the right. Last night I collapsed on stage in Oklahoma City. Tonight I had to end the service early in Tulsa after losing circulation and feeling as if I was going to black out again. Still, many people walked the altar and were saved in both cities by giving their lives to Jesus.

I am sorry I couldn’t meet those of you who came to Tulsa tonight. I am on the bus resting and we are headed home. I was told people came out of the venue and put hands on the bus to pray for me. I was moved when I heard that. I don’t always know how to pace myself.

My spiritual advisors and pastors keep telling me ministry is a marathon and not a sprint. I’ve been sprinting for the last few years without pause. My pace of go go go has caused some health complications with my breathing and my heart. A very influential pastor in Tulsa prayed for me tonight and asked God to give me the strength and energy to still be preaching this message of the cross at 95.

I am believing and receiving that. I am not a fool to the fact that the devil hates what’s happening with this ministry and would like to take me out. I however know that greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. Thank you for praying for me. I will be fine. So many of you have urged me to get checked on further and I am doing that this week with my wife.

But let me say this… I WILL NOT QUIT preaching Heaven, Hell, Jesus and the cross! There is no time to stop shouting the Gospel when every day people die and go to hell without knowing Jesus. I’ve been given a platform and a great call to this generation. I will use it to share the Gospel until I’m dead and gone. Look at the comments for my schedule and join me on the road. JESUS TILL I DIE.”

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