Fred Butler of GTY joins BTWN to discuss his “LGBT Christians” article, Preston Sprinkle and the question, “Should men and women be friends?”


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  1. A.L. 4 years ago

    I am not surprised at the push to have homosexuality embraced by the church. Pre-marital sex and pornography was accepted and we had no choice but to get here. Now pedophilia is an orientation and unless God has mercy it will be normalized too. Bestiality is next and is already been decriminalized in Canada some level. See when a christian wife goes to her pastor and tells him hubs has been indulging in porn pastor tells him to sign up for covenant eyes and tells the wife she needs to love him and stay with him. He gets caught again, and again, and she gets frustrated and wants to depart she is told not to since he is lusting and not really an adulterer since he is not acting upon it. She mentions the sermon on the mount pastor says yeah, but all men lust and no marriage would last. What would that pastor say to Dr. Collins’ wife if she found him with gay porn and wanted out? He is just attracted, but not in bed with another man so he needs covenant eyes and she needs to lovingly stay with him and honor her marriage vows. If anyone reading this thinks there is no connection maybe we had better think again. All sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is immorality. The bible teaches that, but does make a distinction between heterosexual fornication and homosexuality. Both will get you in hell if not confessed, but Romans 1 does make the distinction. My point? The bride of Christ had better tighten up their act when it comes to sexual immorality. If we are not stellar and blameless we have no right to complain. This goes for wearing tight clothing, watching movies with sexual immorality, songs that promote immorality, etc. It is not supposed to be names once amongst us yet it is and more than once.

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