Welcome to our 21st episode! This one is a roller coaster ride as we have some fun at Colin’s expense, and we also deal with the issue of Robin Williams’ suicide.

The show starts out by recognizing the top 5 listening countries, cities, and individuals listening to us on @biblethumpingwingnut. You won’t believe who made the top 5!

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We also received voicemails this week, one from Calvinist Batman (@CalvinistBatman) from Twitter, and answered the following email:

“is it possible to understand election, observe my life and then know i am not elected thus know that i am elected to hell and not choose by God and then be completely hopeless as there is nothing i can do????”

Wretched Radio did a great job of asking and answering many questions regarding the suicide of Robin Williams. The questions that Todd Friel asked and we dealt with are as follows:

Does the world have answers?
Does The world satisfy?
Is there a place for warnings?
How do we respond?
How does the church speak of suicide?
How should we use the death of Robin Williams?
Does it bother you that Robin Williams is likely in hell?

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