Dr. James White Corrects Tim Keller’s Errant Theological Tweet

Thank God for men like Dr. James White who know the scriptures and can communicate the truths therein clearly.

Tim Keller has failed repeatedly to be such a man.

It’s unfortunate that with 365,000 twitter followers Keller frequently spews biblical error.


Read more about Tim Kellers many theological errors – Here

Hear What Phil Johnson of Grace to You thinks about Dr. James White:

  1. Jim Sarco 3 years ago

    Do P Johnson and JD Hall fart for a living? Their messages, tweets, facebooks, are pure puke, shart, shat, poo, whizzz, pee, urine, spit, vomit and diarrhea, ok? Fart, on idiot webpage!!!

  2. Jim Sarco 4 years ago

    wow, P Johnson is a farter!!!!

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